Paris Mideast Summit

On Sunday, Israel faces an international tribunal of 72 nations at the Paris Mideast Summit. The world body will affirm the two-state solution and establish a broader legal opinion on UN Security Council Resolution 2334 regarding the re-division of Jerusalem and the cities and communities of Judea and Samaria. The new UN Resolution, which is opposed by 80% of Israelis, reflects a profound change not only in U.S. policy and procedure, but international opinion. It implies that Israel cannot lay a single brick in the areas beyond the Green Line, known as Judea and Samaria, home to 600,000 Israeli citizens. It suggests that there will be no Jewish presence at the end of the day in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, at the Western Wall, or Temple Mount.

There are several spoilers to this world-wide party in Paris. In the words of Tzipi Hoteveley, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, The Paris Summit “is a wedding without a bride or a groom.” Neither the Israeli Prime Minister nor the Palestinian President will be in attendance. The Israeli leadership has been clear that it will not abide by resolutions from the international body concerning a two-state solution with the Palestinians. It views any resolution as an impediment to the direct negotiation process with the Palestinian Authority because it prejudges the central issues that are supposed to be hashed out at the negotiating table. Mahmoud Abbas has been invited to attend The Paris Summit but is not allowed to vote and has decided not to attend.

So, are the leaders of 72 nations traveling to Paris in vain?

The world political body doesn’t seem to think so. They maintain their goal to remove Jewish control over Jerusalem, to deny the legitimate outcome of the 1967 war, and to establish world opinion that Israel is in violation of international law by living in Judea and Samaria. Indeed, most recently, UNESCO, an arm of the United Nations elevated the opinion to another level “there are no Jewish historical ties to the Temple Mount or Western Wall.” This, obviously, suggests that all of the scientific excavation pointing to ancient Israel, plus the Bible have no validity.

Maybe it is time to stop for a ‘truth check’ concerning what is going on in the international arena? Fortunately the U.S. Congress is taking action to blunt the harmful affects of this new UN Resolution, thereby standing by our closest ally, Israel.

-Heather Johnston, Executive Director of USIEA

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